The HealthcareSource Analytics Dashboard allows recruiters and hiring managers to quickly assess their organization’s recruiting and hiring effectiveness. View sources of hire, interview-to-hire ratios, and compliance with reference checking, background screening, and licensure checks. Every hiring step, as defined by your senior care organization, can be viewed and monitored with HealthcareSource analytic reports. Set automatic email alerts to view the reports you want at the frequency you choose.

The applicant pipeline report shows the defined steps in the hiring process, including number of applications received, resumes reviewed, interviews conducted, job offers, and hires.
Gain Visibility into Your Hiring Process

The applicant pipeline chart provides recruiters and hiring managers with a visual representation of how applicants flow through the hiring process. Each bar on the chart matches one of your organization’s hiring steps. View the ratio of applications reviewed per online application submitted or the number of interviews conducted per hire, as well as many other key recruiting metrics.

Run an analytics report to show the percentage of hires who entered your applicant pipeline through job boards and other recruiting channels.
Determine Best Sources of Hire

HealthcareSource Applicant Tracking collects source-of-hire data from candidates when they begin the apply process. The analytics tool allows recruiters and managers to run quick reports to determine applicant source and, more importantly, source of hire. This metric helps determine your most effective sourcing channels to guide your future recruiting budget.

Compliance dashboard view reflects completion rates for hiring checklist items.
Ensure Your Organization Is Survey Ready

Monitor key items in your pre- or post-offer job offer process by setting up compliance email alerts. Alerts ensure you don’t miss an important step in the hiring process and remain survey-ready at all times. Monitor hiring activity by a single location or multiple locations.

Create an alert to view hiring compliance reports or share with others in your organization.
Stay Up-to-Date on Hiring Activity

Create an email alert on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to receive a report on any status in your hiring process. Share key reports with leadership for one community, region, or across the entire organization.

Email Alerts

Monitor each step in the hiring process with email alerts. Just click the link in your email to view your report.

Drill-Down Capability

View hiring and compliance activity by location, job title, or user.

Customized Report Settings

The Analytics Dashboard’s settings allow you to view applicant pipeline analytics by location, job title, and specified timeframe.

Evaluate the Hiring Process & Improve Outcomes

Our Analytics Dashboard provides insight into recruiting efforts and hiring activity, enabling you to better allocate resources and helping hiring managers recruit better.

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