Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) helps you with candidate tracking and sourcing. CRM is your centralized database for contacts from many sources, including your ATS applicants, resumes from online databases, and Talent Network members. CRM candidate profiles include their contact information, resume, and employment history. Your recruiters can add notes or tags to further classify candidates. You can use HealthcareSource CRM to manage all aspects of candidate engagement, leveraging marketing techniques such as branded email campaigns and text messaging.

The candidate profile includes the candidate's contact information, work history, and resume.
View Candidate Profiles

The candidate profile includes contact information, resume, and application history. The timeline view is a helpful way to see education details and identify employment gaps. You can categorize candidates as they progress through your internal review process. Stages such as “New” and “Reviewed” allow your recruiters to organize their records. Candidate tracking is easier with recruiter-created tags and notes to record interactions with candidates.

Add candidates to jobs synchronized from your Position Manager Applicant Tracking System.
Work with Open Jobs

Open jobs are synchronized with your HealthcareSource Applicant Tracking System. Recruiters can add candidates to current jobs or create job pipelines for future hiring. You can also view all candidates associated with a job and their level of engagement. The jobs also include ATS information, such as the requisition number and the date the job posted.

Group candidates in folders and add tags to track key information.
Segment Candidates with Folders and Tags

Your candidate database will continue to grow over time, and recruiters need ways to manage candidate details as they review and reach out. Folders let you group similar candidates together based on key information, such as location or job title. You can also add an additional layer of segmentation using tags, such as “silver medalist” or “experienced,” to help you identify highly qualified candidates.

Maintain the quality and accuracy of your candidate records.
Maintain Your Candidate Database

You need to be able to use your database for candidate tracking no matter how much it grows. Key information, like resume age, helps your recruiters in their outreach efforts. You can execute refresh campaigns to ask candidates to update their contact information. Current and accurate information is key for sourcing open positions. You can track the growth and makeup of your database using the Candidate Source Report.

Candidate Profiles

Review key information, such as contact details, education, employment timeline, and recruiter evaluations.

Talent Pipelines

Add candidates to open jobs and create a talent pipeline so recruiters know where to begin sourcing.

Database Organization

Manage candidates using folders, tags, and notes so recruiters can find the right talent for open positions.

Contact Details

Email past applicants and potential candidates. Request updates to ensure you have accurate information.


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HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing makes it fast and easy to plan and publicize recruiting events, attract attendees, fill critical positions, and create positive experiences prospective candidates will remember.

Candidate Relationship Management

HealthcareSource Candidate Relationship Management can help you decrease your time-to-fill by engaging candidates and creating job pipelines.

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