Your Career Website is your digital presence, reinforcing and promoting your employer brand. When done well, it can compel candidates to search and apply for open jobs or join your Talent Network. HealthcareSource Career Sites provide you with mobile-friendly, search-optimized web pages that make your site easily accessible to job seekers. Our web page templates give your career website a starting point and provide you with the flexibility to add your own content and develop your employer brand.

Create a content-rich, mobile-friendly Career Website to promote your employer brand and attract applicants.
Invest in Brand Awareness

The candidate experience offered on your career website impacts your ability to fill open positions. HealthcareSource Career Sites allow you to create and manage a modern, mobile-friendly website where you can communicate your employer brand, convey your mission, and convert candidates into applicants. Establishing your employer brand on the site will also help you reach passive candidates.

Deliver targeted content to attract and engage specific candidate segments.
Deliver an Engaging Experience

Candidates look for content that resonates. They seek out employers who hire people with similar backgrounds and experiences. You can drive an engaging experience by dedicating a section of your site to recruiting for hard-to-fill jobs. Speaking to a specific segment helps paint a picture of work life at your organization. After you attract candidates to the site, a Talent Network lets them indicate interest in your organization, even when a pertinent opening does not exist.

Deliver an optimized mobile site experience to appeal to job seekers wherever they are.
Optimize Your Digital Presence

Many job seekers are on-the-go, so your website needs to be accessible where they are. HealthcareSource Career Sites offer a mobile-friendly user experience so job seekers can conduct research, view job descriptions, and apply for openings on any device. Use marketing techniques, like SEO and content marketing, to increase candidate discovery and engagement.

Talent Networks help grow your pool of interested candidates.
Build Your Talent Pipelines

A Talent Network is an ideal way of allowing candidates to express interest in your organization. You can design a general Talent Network or one targeted for a specific job type or location. Once a candidate joins, they opt-in to learn more about your organization and new career opportunities. Recruiters can review candidates and add them to their talent pipelines. When a new job posts, the candidates’ information will be available for outreach.

Employer Branding

Create a mobile-friendly career website with key organizational information to promote your employer brand.

Talent Networks

Leverage Talent Networks to reinforce your employer brand and grow your pool of interested candidates.

Candidate Experience

Deliver a career website user experience that leverages modern marketing techniques to engage candidates.

Candidate Segments

Publish targeted content that speaks to specific candidate segments based on job or location.

Improve Your Recruiting with Career Sites

The Career Sites capability helps you attract candidates, increase applicant volume, and decrease your time-to-fill.

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