HealthcareSource Employee Management helps you capture new employees’ information and policy documentation collected during the pre-hire stage with Applicant Tracking, sending it to this portal that follows employees through their time with your organization. Connect with staff through text messages or customized emails, inviting them to complete a satisfaction survey, update licensure or certification, determine availability for an open shift, or to review and electronically sign a new policy.

View your employee’s profile and create action items, such as renew license or a request to complete a stay interview.
Manage & Track Key Events

Healthcare providers must maintain current information on employees, such as licensure renewal date or next performance evaluation due. Employee Management allows you to receive event reminders and prompt employee action through the platform to increases efficiencies.

Allow employees and management to digitally sign personnel documents.
Capture Employee & Manager Digital Signatures

As an electronic documentation platform, Employee Management allows you to deploy company-specific forms, surveys, and policies to your staff. Collecting manager and employee signatures creates a digital workflow for your organization.

Create customized employee surveys and invite your staff to respond through a mobile or desktop device.
Conduct Employee Surveys

Collecting feedback from employees through new-hire surveys, employee stay interviews, and annual satisfaction surveys allows recruiters and hiring managers to measure and track employee engagement.

Invite qualified staff to apply for an internal opening using customized email templates with a link to the application.
Promote Employees from Within

In today’s job market, healthcare providers are equally as focused on employee retention as employee recruiting. Sharing internal job openings is one way you can provide employees with career growth opportunities, keeping them engaged and working with your organization.

Electronic Personnel Files

Convenient, online access to employees’ electronically signed records allows you to provide documentation upon request.

Employee Referral Network

Leverage current employees for recruiting by inviting them to share job openings with their friends via the platform.

Text or Email Communication

Easily communicate with your staff about a new policy or company event using email or text message.

Custom Employee Filters

Apply filters in the application to easily generate a sorted list of employees to send targeted communications.

Reduce Turnover with Employee Management

Employee Management will help you reduce your time-to-fill and will help hiring managers with their HR duties.

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