HealthcareSource Leadership Development offers leadership-specific behavioral assessments that previously earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA). Leveraging this behavioral science helps you more easily identify leadership candidates, improving the overall quality of your workforce. Then, use the results to identify gaps in behavioral competencies and provide training to create more effective leaders.

Identify Potential Healthcare Leaders

Identify top-performing leaders or high-potential staff by evaluating critical healthcare leadership competencies. Use an objective analysis of leadership competencies to ensure a fair assessment of individuals’ skills and competencies. Predict candidates’ potential for job success based on how well they compare to successful healthcare leaders in terms of job performance, people orientation, and task orientation.

Grow Leadership Competencies

Develop an individualized developmental action plan based on a detailed feedback report that includes prescriptive suggestions to develop critical competencies. Select leaders who will set organizational direction, create alignment, and engage employees for retention. Identify training needs for the entire leadership team or subgroups of leaders from different departments or facilities to ensure consistency across your organization.

Proven Survey

The scientifically validated survey covers a range of leadership behaviors, taking about 60 minutes to complete.

Science-Based Scores

Scores are provided for job performance, people orientation, and task orientation for front-line and senior leaders.

Structured Interview Guide

The assessment identifies interview questions specific to potential developmental opportunities.

Developmental Feedback Report

Our Competency Ranking report and other reference materials help address low-scoring areas.

Improve Your Workforce with Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development capability helps you develop your healthcare leaders and reduce employee turnover.

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