Talent Networks allow candidates to express interest in your organization. As a healthcare recruiter, you need to grow your candidate database with interested talent. When a candidate joins your Talent Network, they opt in to receiving communications from your organization. Your recruiters can include Talent Network members in their sourcing activities. Create general or targeted Talent Networks to attract the right candidates.

View candidates who joined your Talent Network when you source for current or future openings.
Enable Candidates to Express Their Interest

A branded Talent Network allows candidates to express interest in your organization. Candidates state their areas of interest and upload a resume to sign up. Joining allows candidates to show interest even when an opening doesn't exist. Recruiters can also reach out about new opportunities, career fairs, and other events. Talent Networks help create a starting point for recruiters, giving them interested candidates to source right when a job posts.

Create targeted Talent Networks to encourage passive candidates to submit their contact information to your candidate database.
Target Specific Audiences

Create Talent Networks that target a specific audience, like nurses or recent college graduates, for example. With a separate Talent Network, you can present questions customized to the audience. Candidates joining a targeted Talent Network get tagged to identify the source. Your recruiters can determine the best way to view candidate information.

Promote Your Talent Network

Promote your Talent Networks through various channels to encourage candidates to join. The most common location to promote a Talent Network is your career website. You can also publicize Talent Networks on job search results and job details pages with an additional opportunity for candidates to submit their contact information, or use social media to invite candidates to join. Talent Networks work on mobile devices – helpful for career fairs or other in-person events.

Stay engaged with Talent Network members using email marketing.
Keep Candidates Engaged

When candidates join your Talent Network, it is the first step toward building a relationship with them. Your recruiters can set up the system to send welcome emails once candidates sign up, and use other creative ways to stay in touch with Talent Network members. Email campaigns and in-person events help grow the relationship.

Empower Candidates

Enable interested candidates to join your Talent Network with easy signup.

Target Specific Audiences

Create custom Talent Networks to attract specific audiences based on your needs.

Market Your Talent Network

Promote your Talent Network in multiple places to encourage candidates to join.

Build Relationships

Use marketing techniques, like email, to build candidate relationships.

Increase Productivity with Talent Networks

The Talent Network capability helps you grow your candidate database, decrease your time-to-fill, and improve quality-of-hire.

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