About Global HR Research

As an unparalleled supplier of background screening, talent acquisition, and innovative technology, Global HR Research is proud to be a leading provider and partner in the healthcare industry. We currently represent a multitude of healthcare facilities and management associations benefiting from our technology, individualized account attentiveness, knowledge, and experience in relation to the industry. Our staff is fully trained and up to date on the latest Joint Commission and state-specific Department of Health requirements and regulations. We are experts in the background screening process and the intricacies of healthcare job specific roles. We work to reduce the burden of responsibility placed on healthcare facilities. We provide tailored solutions and searches to meet the requirements set forth by facility leadership and regulatory bodies. Current workforce shortages for key clinical positions create an increased need to locate and engage top talent. Turnover can range from 15 percent to 80 percent, adding to the recruiting workload. Managing the recruiting process without the proper tools increase costs, reduces hiring time and impedes the ability to engage the right candidates.


  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity Check Solutions
  • Sanctions & Compliance
  • Motor Vehicle Record Services
  • Verification Services
  • Drug & Health Screening
  • I-9 & E-Verify
  • Candidate Experience & E-Application
  • Extended Workforce Screening
  • Global Screening
  • Additional Services
HealthcareSource Certified Integration Partner


Partner Type: Background Screening

Markets Served:

  • Hospitals & Providers
  • Senior Living
  • Staffing Agencies

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