HealthcareSource Hiring Software Helps Daybreak Venture Reduce Hiring Costs and Improve Care

Progress cannot be made without the willingness to change. To stay ahead in any business, a company must be willing to admit that the way they've always done things may not be the best way to do them now. The constant innovation of business technology has all but ensured that no matter what an organization is doing, a better alternative exists — and if it doesn't yet, it likely will tomorrow. The companies that are open to change are the ones who succeed.

A Paper-Based Process = Poor Hiring Pipeline and Excessive Costs

When Daybreak Venture first came to HealthcareSource (then called Vikus), they were using a completely paper-based hiring process. Walk-in applicants filled out paper job applications. New hires completed onboarding forms by hand. The company placed print ads in local newspapers for their job openings. For harder-to-fill positions, they posted to paid online job boards.

"The costs were astronomical," said Lori Stephens, Director of HR for Daybreak Venture. According to Stephens, the company was spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on advertising. They knew their residents deserved the best caregivers, and they were willing to spend the money to find them. "Our walk-in traffic wasn't always the best," said Stephens. "But we weren't going to lower our expectations just to fill a position."

Excessive costs and an insufficient hiring pipeline weren't the only problems Daybreak was facing. With close to seventy communities and no central database in place, they couldn't ensure accurate record-keeping across all of their locations. No one knew which communities were survey-ready and which ones needed help. Daybreak needed an end-to-end hiring solution, and HealthcareSource was a perfect fit.

Free Job Advertising + A Simplified Process in Less Than Five Weeks

Once Daybreak signed on with HealthcareSource, they hit the ground running. Eager to address their issues and turn things around, company leaders and potential software users dove into the process. Clay Mason, Client Success Team Lead for the Senior Living branch of HealthcareSource, was more than impressed by their dedication.

"A huge part of Daybreak Venture's success with us has been their exceptional level of commitment," said Mason. "From the very beginning, they have been on board one hundred percent. Every kickoff, every training call — they were attentive and engaged throughout the process. Working with them has been fantastic." HealthcareSource was up and running in the first of Daybreak's locations within five weeks. Before going live, potential users participated in a number of planning sessions to help the implementation go as smoothly as possible. "This was super easy," said Jeff Tomklins, LNFA, administrator for Regency Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation, one of the Daybreak locations.

As HealthcareSource clients, Daybreak Venture's hiring managers were now able to post to a number of industry-leading job boards simultaneously at no additional cost. In addition, their open positions would also be posted to a custom-branded career site easily found in the header of Daybreak Venture's website. Also, Daybreak began using the software's checklist-based interface and easy-to-create reports to help increase accountability and compliance across all of its locations.

Thousands in Savings, More Qualified Candidates, and Peace of Mind

HealthcareSource was able to reduce Daybreak Venture's advertising spend by 84 percent. In effect, the system had paid for itself within three months. However, the software proved not only to be a money-saver; it was a time-saver, as well. Since each location could now post their own jobs, Stephens could focus on other community issues and dedicate less time to job posting and curating.

Implementing HealthcareSource also offered Stephens more peace of mind when it came to potential compliance issues. With company-wide and facility-specific analytics at her fingertips, it was now easy for Stephens to track the numerous regulatory requirements for processing new hires. Plus, any changes made to the system were instantly updated across all of Daybreak's locations — "one-and-done" at its finest. Using HealthcareSource has also allowed Daybreak to reach more applicants than they could before, helping them to find more qualified applicants to interview. "The biggest surprise has been the quality of the applicants," said Stephens. "We're reaching people we've never reached before." Stephens added that she anticipates lower turnover in the following year due to the larger pool of more qualified candidates.

Senior care is a growing — and constantly changing — industry. Because of that, having a fluid, flexible hiring solution is invaluable. And no hiring software can handle the constantly evolving nature of senior care quite the way HealthcareSource can. Not only was its Senior Living platform built specifically for senior care providers, it can also be custom-tailored to meet the particular needs of its users. So whether you're still walking the paper trail or just looking for a digital solution that better fits your community, HealthcareSource can help.

HealthcareSource Senior LivingSM is formerly known as Vikus Corporation.

Daybreak Venture

The biggest surprise has been the quality of the applicants. We're reaching people we've never reached before.

Lori Stephens
Director of HR
Daybreak Venture


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