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Senior Living/Post-Acute Hiring Software

Your ability to quickly fill critical positions with qualified candidates directly impacts the quality of care your organization can provide. But today's healthcare talent market is competitive, and your recruiting team and hiring managers are faced with the daunting tasks of finding, hiring, and keeping qualified employees who will provide superior care for your residents and clients. You need dynamic hiring software to support your recruiting efforts while improving your organization's ability to strategically source, recruit, and retain talent.

The information and tools in this Buying Guide will help you diagnose your organization's specific priorities to select the right hiring software and overall solution that will best meet your needs. Then, leverage this information to support your argument to invest in hiring technology when presenting to your key stakeholders. 




Identify Your Top Challenges

To select the right hiring software for your organization, you first need to identify your top challenges so you can be sure your purchase will help you achieve your goals. Use this table to compare your organization to senior living and post-acute industry benchmarks, which are based on first-year turnover rates and time-to-fill in the top 25%of organizations surveyed. Simply record your best estimates in the "Your Answer" column and then calculate your gap based on the industry benchmark that best describes your organization. Those areas with the greatest gaps are most in need of remedy.

EXAMPLE: If you have an RN turnover rate of 30%, then Your Answer (30%) minus the Benchmark (24.2%) would be a 5.8 percentage-point gap, which might be something you'd like to address. 

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Identify the Benefits of Change

In order to combat the challenges you've identified, you need to select hiring software that will help you work more efficiently as a recruiting organization, empower your hiring managers to be a part of the process, and enhance the candidate experience. The efforts you choose to focus on first will depend on your organization's needs and resources.

This chart will help you see the results you can expect from each effort: 




Estimate the Costs of Inaction for Your Organization

What happens if your organization maintains the status quo? Inaction can be more costly than investing in new technology. Use our calculator to discover your organization's cost-of-vacancy for key roles based on average staffing levels within skilled nursing facilities. 

Diagnose Your Skilled Nursing Cost-of-Vacancy for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs

Do you know how your talent acquisition efforts and current staffing levels are affecting your organization’s bottom line?

Use our quick calculator to get your true Skilled Nursing cost-of-vacancy now.

The Cost-of-Vacancy estimate from the calculator represents what your organization could spend annually on overtime and agency staff to cover for nursing staff vacancies. Remember, this dollar amount is just for the noted roles, so imagine the costs of not making significant changes to your recruiting function across all the positions in your organization. Investing in modern, efficient hiring software can help you save this amount and more. 




Elevate Your Short-List of Vendors

Now that you know your cost-of-vacancy and top talent acquisition priorities, it's time to identify which software vendor will best meet your needs. Narrow your decision by using the lists below to rate your top three vendors against your talent management goals. 

  • Enhance the Candidate Experience
  • Work More Efficiently
  • Empower Your Hiring Manager
  • Choose a Talent Acquisition Partner, Not Just a Vendor

Use a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is a Significant Weakness and 5 is a Significant Strength of the vendor.

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