Competition for quality healthcare talent is tough. There are more openings than there are workers to go around. Add to that high turnover, changing candidate expectations, and growth in the senior living industry, and you have quite the set of talent acquisition challenges in front of you.

You need a solution that considers the unique aspects of the senior living industry. You need HealthcareSource — a partner that understands what you are up against. Find your challenges, and learn how we can help you solve them, below.

“We don’t get enough applicants for our hard-to-fill jobs and too many unqualified candidates for our non-clinical jobs.”

Not having enough candidates to consider, or having too few with the right experience, increases your time-to-fill. The effects extend throughout the organization, to finance, resident care, and more.

  • Hiring for quality and fit goes out the window: At some point, anybody is better than nobody. But too often this just leads to another opening four months down the road.
  • Higher premium labor costs: The longer you take to fill roles, the more it costs your organization in overtime and staffing agencies.
  • Resident safety and quality of care: The alternatives to filling roles — less optimal staff-to-patient ratios, increased overtime, or temp workers — can negatively impact patient care.
  • Lower employee engagement; higher turnover: When time-to-fill is too high, workers become overburdened and leave. Longer vacancies lead to more turnover, which, in turn, leads to more turnover, and so on.
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“Most of our hiring is done by department heads, who have no real recruiting experience.”

Senior living facilities often have the hiring managers functioning as HR, handling many issues, including sourcing and recruiting. Being a domain expert doesn’t make you an expert in hiring and related topics, and organizations can feel it.

  • It costs your organization opportunity: When department heads are constantly hiring, how much are they actually leading? This lack of leadership adversely affects employees, necessitating the need to hire when they quit.
  • Positions are open far too long: If your managers don’t have the skills or tools to hire well, then you will inevitably have a longer time-to-fill. This, in turn, negatively impacts patient care and increases your premium labor costs, as well as your risk of regrettable turnover due to added workload.
  • EEOC and regulatory risks could be a problem: When hiring decisions are made without the appropriate supporting systems, your hiring practices can be inconsistent or lacking the appropriate documentation, potentially opening you up to related risks.
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“Our turnover is so high that we are thinking about installing revolving doors at the main entrance.”

Turnover is an epidemic in senior living today, and facilities are feeling the pain through the hours their hiring managers spend on recruiting and the trickle-down effects it has on patient care and direct expenses.

  • Wasted recruiting hours: Constantly refilling the same roles is frustrating — and distracting, especially for hiring managers who are already at a disadvantage. It takes time away from their core work.
  • Direct and indirect costs: At up to $5,000 per CNA and an average turnover rate of nearly 75%, turnover is costly. And that does not include premium labor costs that are generated through overtime and agency staffing while roles are being filled.
  • Resident care suffers: Turnover negatively impacts the care your residents receive, as it is a contributing factor to less-than-optimal clinical outcomes, poor staff-to-resident ratios, and even increased mortality rates.
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Talent Acquisition Solutions for Senior Living & Post-Acute

At HealthcareSource, we know that identifying and hiring top talent is just the beginning. While time-to-fill, turnover rates, and the burden placed on hiring managers through recruitment all affect the talent acquisition function, their impacts can also be felt throughout the organization — including the care your residents receive.

We offer the tools you need to improve your data, people, process, and technology, helping you hire quality talent who will provide quality care to your residents.

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