Recruiters and HR do not have time to manage a complicated recruiting and hiring process. The HealthcareSource Applicant Tracking solution was built for and by senior care providers. This capability is designed for dedicated recruiters as well as human resources and hiring managers from organizations with a decentralized hiring process in which they must play a key role in recruitment and selection.

Allow Candidates to Schedule Their Own Interviews

Cut down on the time recruiters and hiring mangers spend coordinating schedules and put the power of setting up interviews into your candidates’ hands. Our ATS includes real-time and secure calendar sync with interviewers’ schedules. When candidates open the secure connection, they can select from available times to meet with your team.

The Senior Living ATS displays candidates in a ranked list by date and assessment results.
View a Ranked List of Applicants

View your qualified candidates ranked by last check-in, assessment results, and interview scores. This makes it easy for you to identify the top candidates for open positions. Candidates not selected for the opening, yet still qualified, will be at the top of the ranked list the next time you have a similar opening, helping you to fill positions faster.

Search for candidates by filters, such as availability, employment type, and license.
Maintain a Searchable Candidate Database

Quickly search and filter your candidates using position and company-specific tags. Easily locate candidates who match the shift, license, or certification needed for a specific job opening.

Recruiters and hiring managers can text, and conversations are logged in the applicant’s record in the applicant tracking system.
Improve Candidate Communication

Use in-application tools, like the ability to send candidates SMS text messages and customized email templates. Communicate with your candidates in the method they prefer to increase response rates and decrease time-to-fill.

Applicant and new hire electronic checklist helps you avoid hiring mistakes.
Process New Hires with Confidence

Use hiring checklists to ensure you make a compliant hire according to federal, state, and company-specific regulations. You can even assign different steps (like interviewing the candidate or conducting the background check) to different managers, involving the entire team and improving your hiring efficiency. Customized hiring checklists ensure important steps such as checking nurse licensure aren’t missed.

Hiring Checklist

Process candidates with an electronic, pre-hire checklist designed to ensure you don’t miss any important steps.

Branded Career Site

Direct candidates to your company’s branded careers page to begin the mobile-optimized online application process.

Talent Pipeline

Maintain a dynamic list of candidates so the next time there is an opening, you can fill it faster.

Job Posting

Easily post and reach candidates through leading job boards and social media.


Florida Presbyterian Homes

Kim Roberts
Human Resources Manager

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I’m a one-person department. Our paper-based hiring process was both outdated and cumbersome. Within a month of using HealthcareSource Applicant Tracking, we were live and posting jobs.

Applicant Tracking Streamlines the Process

HealthcareSource Applicant Tracking helps with many challenges, including decreasing your time-to-fill and helping hiring managers serve as recruiters.

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