Our Talent Acquisition System makes remote or in-person hiring easier on everyone. Virtual hiring tools like Interview Self-Scheduling, Video Interviewing, and Texting can all be managed in the app – no extra apps need to be downloaded. The mobile-first candidate experience increases application completions and recruiters and hiring managers can be alerted to any item needing attention with automated email alerts.  

Use Video Interviews to Assess for Fit Remotely 

This Video Conferencing feature does not require candidates to download extra software.  Everyone has a high-resolution full-screen view from any desktop or mobile device.     

Incorporate Texting to boost candidate response rates 

Text candidates right from our ATS and increase your candidate response rate to 45% from 8% for email.   

ATS dashboards provide recruiters and managers with summarized views of important candidate status information.
Fill Job Openings Faster

HealthcareSource® provides a centralized applicant tracking dashboard and automated workflows designed to help you fill job openings quickly and ensure your organization has the talent it needs to meet business and patient-care objectives.

Allow Candidates to Schedule Their Own Interviews

Cut down on the time recruiters spend coordinating schedules and put the power of setting up interviews into your candidates’ hands. Our ATS includes real-time and secure calendar sync with interviewers’ schedules. When candidates open the secure connection, they can select from available times to meet with your team.

A mobile-optimized application process is designed to increase completion rates.
Engage More Qualified Candidates

A mobile-optimized application process ensures a great candidate experience regardless of where they are or what device they are using when they decide to apply to your job. Designed to mitigate lengthy healthcare job applications, candidates have frequent opportunities to save and complete the full application later.

HealthcareSource offers a high level of integration across its talent management platform.
Leverage an Integrated Talent Management Platform

Our ATS integrates with our other talent management solutions, giving you visibility to vital performance information, Behavioral Assessments, and more. This high level of integration helps streamline workflows and facilitates collaboration.

See how our Texting, Video Conferencing and Interview Self-Scheduling features are better together.  

Requisition Wizard

Create requisitions using simple-to-use templates that prompt managers to provide required information.


Take candidate communication to the next level right from within our ATS.   

Self-Scheduled Interviews

Improve the experience and take the burden off recruiters by letting candidates schedule interviews.

Video Conferencing

Meet with candidates and new hires face-to-face despite the many issues that can prevent in-person meetings. 


Tomah Memorial Hospital

Brenda Reinert
Human Resource Director

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The solution was simple for anyone to use and housed all information in one location. Plus, we wanted to engage with a vendor that could grow with our talent management needs, and HealthcareSource clearly could.

Hire Better with Applicant Tracking

With HealthcareSource applicant tracking, you can overcome your time-to-fill and sourcing challenges.

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