HealthcareSource Development Plans help employees improve their skillsets. Employees can create their own plans, or managers can create plans for their team members and easily identify which employees still need a plan created. Goals, performance appraisals, learning assignments, and assessment test results can inform Development Plans. Managers can create actionable plans specific to each employee.

Improve Employee Skillsets

Development Plans provide a way to create detailed courses of action to help employees improve specific skillsets as well as their overall performance within your organization. Employees, managers, and administrators can create Development Plans. Goals, performance appraisals, learning assignments, and assessment test results can serve as starting points for a Development Plan.

Use Test Results to Inform Development Plans

When HealthcareSource Behavioral Assessments are integrated with our Performance Appraisal software, you can assess current employees and identify methods to assist them with career success. Measure behavioral competencies to identify employee strengths, areas for development, and automatically create Development Plans based on the assessment results.

Employee Development

Employees, managers, and administrators can create actionable Development Plans.

Assessment Results

Use the results from HealthcareSource Behavioral Assessments to create your Development Plans.

Improve Employees’ Skills with Development Plans

HealthcareSource Development Plans help you with your engagement and retention, span of control, and leadership challenges.

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