HealthcareSource Employee Profile Summaries, also known as Performance Vitals, display your staff’s key performance data. Using a configurable employee profile template, choose the information that’s most important to your organization, such as an employee’s flight risk or potential, to display near the top of the page. You can also access more detailed information on past appraisals, development plans, and more. Gain a holistic understanding of your employees’ performance.

Configurable tiles in the Employee Profile Header provide performance data such as appraisal results, the number of corrective feedback items, potential rating, flight risk, and more.
Highlight the Most Relevant Performance Data

An at-a-glance view of employees’ key performance and profile information helps managers make informed, data-driven decisions. Basic information, like employee name and picture, current position, department, and facility/organization are available through the Employee Profile Header. Configurable tiles provide the performance data your organization has deemed most relevant to display, such as appraisal results, the number of corrective feedback items, potential rating, flight risk, and more.

Informational cards on the Performance Vitals page are configurable and display detailed performance information.
Access Detailed Performance Information

Informational cards provide access to details regarding key performance topics. One card displays the statuses of an employee’s licenses and certifications, and another displays the details from all available succession plans in the employee’s profile, including visual representations for potential, flight risk, and readiness. A development plan card shows how far the employee has progressed in each plan. Up to eight informational cards can be displayed.

Additional Data Via Integrations

View additional data from our Behavioral Assessments, Learning Management and/or Applicant Tracking systems.

Responsive Design

Enable managers to work from any device. Employee Profile Summaries auto-adjust to always display legibly.

All Performance Data in a Single Location

Gain a holistic view of employees’ performance to aid in leadership selection and development, succession planning, employee retention and engagement, and more.

Employee Performance Solution

Explore how our employee performance offering helps manage performance and provide better quality care.
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