Healthcare workers who fully understand their job responsibilities deliver better results while complying with important regulatory requirements. HealthcareSource Job Descriptions makes it easy to route job descriptions for review, approval, and acknowledgment by employees. At HealthcareSource, we take your job descriptions and enter them all into the system, making setup easy for you.

Streamline Job Description Creation

HealthcareSource takes your organization’s job descriptions and helps you develop job templates that cross many roles (e.g., RN). From the templates, you can then generate specific job descriptions for individual hospital units (i.e., ICU RN). If changes are made to at the template level, all linked job descriptions get updated and the option is provided to require employee acceptance of these changes.

Ensure Efficient Editing & Routing

You can empower managers to modify components of the job descriptions to which they have access. They can easily make changes and then route the altered job description to the designated human resources professional for approval. All affected areas are highlighted to make it easier for the reader to identify which items have been changed.

Job Description Templates

Job templates are created by HealthcareSource and form the basis of all subsequent job descriptions.

Role-Based Job Descriptions

To expedite your time to value, HealthcareSource inputs all your job descriptions for all the roles within your organization.

Approvals & Electronic Signature

Job Descriptions are routed appropriately for manager and HR approval, as well as employee acceptance.


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Erika Stone
Recruitment and Performance Manager Specialist

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Employees love that they can login to the system anytime to see their job descriptions. They want their job descriptions to be accurate and to reflect what they do every day.

Automate Job Descriptions with HealthcareSource

Engage and retain your employees by providing electronic Job Descriptions that ultimately become the basis for their appraisals.

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