Plan, deliver, and track your staff’s educational activities with HealthcareSource Learning Management. Our learning management system allows you to assign education to multiple learners at once – vital functionality for healthcare workers who often assume multiple roles. Gauge learners’ knowledge through pre- and post-tests. View customizable reports to accelerate your organizational accreditation surveys and learners’ certification and licensure renewal processes.

Learners can view pertinent information from within one click of the To Do List.
Enable Learners to Manage Their Activities

Learners and instructors can view upcoming eLearning courses, in-person classes, and competency validation activities from a mobile-responsive To Do List. All activities include important information such as activity type, description, associated CE credits, and due date. Search and filter functionalities enable staff to quickly locate desired activities. Learning opportunities, completions, and overdue tasks, as well as certification renewal dates are all within one click of the To Do List.

Open suitable classes to the wider community to subsidize class costs with external attendee fees.
Subsidize Costs with External Attendee Fees

When regulations require you to provide staff training on topics that may also be of interest to the public — such as basic life support — capitalize on the opportunity by inviting and collecting fees from external attendees. Set deposit, tuition, and late-drop notice fees for external attendees, and enable internal attendees to enroll without payment. Build goodwill and brand recognition within your community by opening suitable classes to the public.

Manage staff’s learning and development tasks from within the Learning Management system administration portal.
Administrator Dashboard

Manage your staff’s learning and development tasks from within the learning management system administration portal. Grant full or limited actionable privileges and rights to applicable learners to manage all aspects of staff education, from creating, assigning, and delivering content to reporting on enrollments, completions, certifications, and more. Automatically enroll or remove learners from eLearning, classes, and curricula based on role or group to ensure accurate assignments.

Run and/or schedule the delivery of reports by department or individual learner, or customize your reports to fulfill specific data needs.
Customizable Reports

Spend less time gathering data on your staff’s learning and development accomplishments and more time acting on their results. You can run reports by department or individual learner, or customize your reports to fulfill specific data needs. Create data templates and delivery schedules so desired reports are automatically delivered on a recurring basis.

Complete Learning Solution

Deliver education and manage events, competencies, certifications, and licensure from within a single system.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Enable a continuous learning environment with a system that auto-adjusts to display legibly on any device.

Licensure & Certification

Track learners’ license and certification expirations. Upload accompanying electronic documents.

My Team

Supervisor privileges can provide them access to oversee their personal and subordinates’ activities.


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Elyse Taylor
Director of Staff Development

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NetLearning provides a full catalog of courses to accommodate new learning challenges, along with the flexibility and authoring tools needed to develop additional courses. Plus, NetLearning has been a terrific partner in collaborating on additional features we need due to regulatory changes.

Create Learning Management Efficiencies

HealthcareSource Learning Management helps you meet your employee development challenges.

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