Pre-hire Skills & Behavioral Assessments give recruiters and hiring managers a frame of reference for judging applicant quality and the insight to ask questions during the hiring process. Industry benchmarked assessments help you easily identify top candidates to interview and select. Benefit from 120+ healthcare profiles to compare your applicants against thousands of senior care applicants. Behavioral assessments promote better hiring decisions and reduce new-hire turnover, saving you time and money.

SL Assessments SC-Ranked List by Assessment Scores
Identify Top Candidates

Make it easy to identify candidates for your open positions. Candidates who perform well on senior care-specific assessments will be ranked at the top of your list. Using pre-hire assessments offers consistency in the hiring process and helps you discover which applicants will be the best fit for the job.

View candidate behavioral assessment scores on a bell curve.
Compare Candidates Against Industry Benchmarks

See how your candidates stack up against thousands of senior care applicants. Compare candidates to their healthcare peers and determine if they possess the key knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to succeed in senior living and post-acute.

Improve quality of hire using behavioral assessments benchmarked for the senior living and senior care industry.
Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Easy-to-interpret assessment summary reports help you and your hiring managers identity candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in key competency areas defined for a given position. The at-a-glance view arms you with target areas to address during the interview.

Healthcare-Specific Assessments

Senior care-specific behavioral assessments identify candidates with the ideal job knowledge and skills for the position.

Assessment-Driven Interview

Use pre-hire assessments to generate candidate and position-specific interview questions.


Florida Presbyterian Homes

Kim Roberts
HR Manager

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The assessments have provided our organization with additional information on applicants which allows us to make better hiring decisions.

Hire Smarter with Skills & Behavioral Assessments

With HealthcareSource Skills & Behavioral assessments, you can overcome your time-to-fill, turnover, and hiring managers serving as recruiters challenges.

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