Staffing & Order Management, part of HealthcareSource Contingent Talent Management℠, allows you to move quickly from job order to fulfillment, and features compliance and risk management tools that help to ensure placement of fully qualified contingent staff. Automate tasks to allow your recruiters to work more efficiently and fill orders faster.

View a list of temp workers who match the client order, ranked by distance, compliance, skillset, availability, preferred status, and other search criteria.
Fill Orders with Confidence & Speed

Matching features in HealthcareSource Staffing & Order Management allow you to be the first to reply with highly qualified candidates. The order query feature allows you to filter temps by desired criteria, such as license and availability for the job order. If a shift is offered to a temp who isn't available, run a reverse query to find other orders that match the temp’s availability, certification, or specialty.

Temp professional licenses, certifications, and related documents are managed and stored in the credential manager.
Simplify Temp Credentialing

The credential management tool allows you to set required standards at multiple levels and ensure that they are carried out in the staffing process. Make sure all temps are ready for placement and in compliance via automated alert messages sent to the temp and recruiter for any upcoming or expired credentials. Credentials are linked to the order query and assignment process with certain items preventing the user from filling the order until the issue is resolved.

The client calendar displays open, filled, and voided temp orders, allowing you to manage your clients’ scheduling in real time.
Take Action from the Client Calendar

An interactive client calendar allows you to fill, void, and easily enter new orders from one screen. View insights on each order through a convenient pop-up window displaying individual order details, pay, billing, and journal entries. Edit existing orders via the calendar page and create journal tasks so key follow-up actions and due dates are not missed.

Order Intake Process

Import job requisitions automatically from virtually every healthcare VMS platform with the HealthcareSource and JobRobotix integration.

Confirmation Manager

Define orders to fill and group by client, temp, date, or region. Enter information for single, multiple, filled, or voided orders from one screen.

Temp Dashboard

Easily filter to desired temps. Use shortcuts to create tasks, access calendars, and more without opening individual records.


Quickly Place Qualified Temps

Staffing & Order Management helps you quickly identify the most qualified temps for open orders, increasing your fill ratio while growing your staffing business.

Staffing & Order Management Datasheet

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