Annual Recognition of Healthcare Organizations' Recruitment Performance

Each year, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource recognizes healthcare recruitment organizations that are performing at an elite level with respect to productivity, process efficiency, responsiveness, and quality of hire. View the 2021 Elite Honor Roll winners here.

Selection Criteria

Lean Human Capital’s expert consultants evaluate and select winners based on the following criteria:

Elite Honor Roll Details

  • Overall performance in the 20 Lean Human Capital Key Recruitment Metrics Performance Index, a combination of key metrics from four critical performance dimensions: productivity, process efficiency, responsiveness, and quality of hire
  • Overall performance in Lean Human Capital’s validated Voice-of-the-Customer assessments (hiring manager, new hire, and non-hired applicant)
  • Ability to create and use a scorecard to manage their business and build a culture using data and facts
  • Demonstration of a strong commitment to continuous improvement and lifelong learning
  • Implementation of innovative solutions to improve key metrics and drive cost savings for their organizations

Raving Fan Award Details

  • Overall score in top 10th percentile across all survey dimensions: understanding, communication, care, satisfaction, and quality of hire
  • Sustained improvement in performance during the past 12 months
  • Demonstration of a strong commitment to using Voice-of-the-Customer assessments for implementation of continuous improvement initiatives
  • Participation in at least one Voice-of-the-Customer assessment within the past 12 months