The Arbor Company — Building a Firm Foundation

With communities all over the country, HealthcareSource Senior LivingSM helped the Arbor Company put everyone on the same page.

There’s a lot to be said for having a firm foundation. No matter how impressive the structure, how tall the skyscraper, how impeccable the design — it will never stand if it doesn’t have a strong foundation.

When the Arbor Company first partnered with HealthcareSource, each of their communities had a different hiring process in place. Some used paper applications. Some asked applicants to email a resume. Some kept track of job candidates in cumbersome spreadsheets.

Trying to manage this process at a company level proved near impossible. What they needed was a firm foundation — for everyone to be on the same page. “Senior Living has improved our recruitment and onboarding efforts, and allowed our community leadership to streamline this important process. They also provided us with terrific service and training,” said Mary Campbell Jenkins, Executive Vice President. 

After the Arbor Company communities began using Senior Living, the results spoke for themselves. Jan Crow, Director of Administration for the Arbor Terrace Cinco Ranch community, found it easy to post jobs to HealthcareSource's major job board partners, including Indeed. She also reported that department directors liked the customized interview guide with follow-up questions generated by job candidates’ assessment responses.

Senior Living also helped the Arbor Company improve its relationship with its job applicants. The included email templates made it easier to communicate with candidates, who appreciated knowing where they stood in the hiring process. Senior Living also saved them time on their onboarding process while ensuring that each community stayed compliant with state and federal requirements. (A list of state-specific required documents is easily accessible in the Senior Living database.)

Senior Living was also affordable; the entire New Hire Management system cost the Arbor Company communities less per month than a single posting with their previous job board vendor. In a time when so many communities are being asked to do more with less, Senior Living can empower you to do more for less. “How did we survive without Senior Living? In my opinion, it is the best program brought on by our company.”  said JoAnna Rose Von Arb.

HealthcareSource Senior LivingSM is formerly known as Vikus Corporation.

Arbor Company Senior Living

Senior Living has improved our recruitment and onboarding efforts, and allowed our community leadership to streamline this important process.

Mary Campbell Jenkins
Executive Vice President
The Arbor Company Senior Living


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