Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Manages Candidate Relationships with Recruitment Marketing


Competing for top talent is especially tough for rural facilities like the 830-employee Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin, NC. Limited by time and budget constraints, the employment coordinator and the marketing director (who also handles medical staff development) relied on “post-and-pray” tactics to fill 250 to 300 openings annually. Although their applicant tracking system included contact information for previous applicants, there was no easy way to reach out to them. This made it difficult to showcase new opportunities and the benefits of working at Hugh Chatham, one of the region’s best places to work, according to the Triad Business Journal.

Hugh Chatham needed a way to:

  • Attract highly qualified talent in a competitive labor market and hire the right people more quickly
  • Engage with regional healthcare professionals about current and future opportunities
  • Assess the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts


Based on their positive experience using Position Manager® and other HealthcareSource solutions, the Hugh Chatham team selected HealthcareSource Recruitment MarketingSM to create a deeper relationship with potential talent.

Hugh Chatham decided to start with the Source & CRM module for managing candidate relationships.

This module gives healthcare organizations a single tool for accessing information about:

  • Past applicants in your applicant tracking system
  • Candidates who have joined your Talent Network
  • Relevant contacts that you downloaded from resume databases and job boards

Source & CRM also allows sources to tag every contact with key attributes like location or specialty, so searching through and segmenting potential candidates is fast and easy.

With the module’s modern marketing tools, you can also create email marketing campaigns, newsletter and in-person events that keep you engaged with candidates, and promote job openings. These tactics improve communication with and conversion of high-quality applicants.

The Recruitment Marketing solution also includes a Lean Human Capital engagement. This service provides an analysis of an organization’s current recruitment marketing processes and a baseline against which to measure future success.


Using the Source & CRM module, the team at Hugh Chatham created an email campaign to publicize a nurse recruiting event. They invited 20,000 viable candidates that were past applicants and members of purchased lists, which they identified using the CRM. The event was well-attended, strengthening the hospital’s relationship with local healthcare providers.

As a result of this email marketing campaign and in-person event, Hugh Chatham was able to:

  • Identify 10 percent of attendees who had the right combination of skills and cultural fit to receive job offers at the hospital
  • Hire a critical, difficult-to-fill nursing role in less time
  • Add candidates to their Talent Network in the CRM to consider for future openings

Hugh Chatham also ran an additional email campaign to invite a select group of past applicants to update their contact information. More than 140 healthcare professionals responded and joined their Talent Network, making the CRM more usable and avoiding the need to purchase lists of people who might be interested in the roles.

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing makes it fast and easy to plan and publicize recruiting events, attract attendees, fill critical positions, and create positive experiences prospective candidates will remember.

Laura Oakes
Marketing and Medical Staff Development Director
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital


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