Bethesda Health Group Found It’s Important to Choose the Right ATS — and for Them That’s HealthcareSource


While a growing number of healthcare organizations benefit from using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline the recruitment and hiring process, using the wrong ATS can have a negative impact. Bethesda Health Group, the premier provider of senior living care and services in St. Louis, was initially thrilled to use an ATS, but it resulted in the organization facing a 50 percent reduction in applicant flow, because applicants found the system difficult and off-putting. Bethesda suffered long times to fill – up to 45 days for new CNAs and LPNs – and it affected the organization’s status as an employer of choice.

Knowing Bethesda couldn’t afford further delays in hiring – or additional challenges while competing for scarce talent – Sharon Bateman, Director of Recruitment & Employee Relations, escalated the issue to the organization’s leadership team. They charged her with finding a solution that made it possible for:

  • Bethesda to easily make the transition to a new system
  • Applicants to easily apply
  • Bethesda to easily track and communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process


Bateman evaluated a few solutions recommended by her peers. HealthcareSource Senior Living won hands down. “HealthcareSource Senior Living is simple on the front end for job applicants and does everything it’s supposed to do on the back end, easing a huge piece of our jobs,” says Bateman.

The solution helps senior living recruiters and hiring managers quickly build a talent pool of qualified applicants. Specifically, it enables organizations to:

  • Post jobs with a few clicks
  • Provide an easy, intuitive candidate experience
  • Accelerate hiring with senior care- and company-specific checklists
  • Communicate with qualified applicants via configurable email templates and text messaging

Bateman appreciated that the solution is geared toward senior living organizations and provides appropriate questions to ask CNAs, LPNs, and RNs. Plus, HealthcareSource Senior Living HealthcareSource solution includes skills and behavioral assessments that empower Bethesda to identify candidates who are as compassionate as they are skilled. Moreover, a synopsis associated with each applicant makes it easy for Bethesda’s recruiting team and hiring managers to see essential details at a glance.


With HealthcareSource Senior Living in place after a smooth 17-day implementation, Bethesda and its candidates are experiencing a simplified application and hiring process. According to Bateman, the solution is built with users in mind and makes life easier for everyone who touches it. In fact, it’s so user-friendly that employees at every level of the organization use it.

“With HealthcareSource Senior Living, we’ve transformed our recruiting and hiring process from a deterrent and drain on our internal resources to one that attracts top talent and lets us all do our jobs as effectively as possible,” says Tina Brown, Recruiting Coordinator at Bethesda.

The previously onerous process of recruiting is now dramatically improved. Once a job description is approved, Bethesda’s recruitment coordinator posts it on HealthcareSource Senior Living. Often the organization can start screening applications within minutes. By first reviewing the candidate rankings based on skills and behavioral assessment scores, the recruiting team can quickly get a sense of top candidates. The HealthcareSource solution even suggests relevant follow-up questions for hiring managers to ask.

The incredibly streamlined recruiting process resulted in a 500 percent increase in applicant flow and a 50 percent reduction in time-to-fill. In fact, the organization now fills critical CNA and LPN positions in as little as two weeks.

The benefits of using HealthcareSource Senior Living enabled the organization to reduce its reliance on agency staff by nearly 30 percent and overtime expenses by 14 percent. Moreover, because Bethesda no longer needs to separately advertise on major job boards, the organization is saving $80,000 per year.

Bethesda also uses the HealthcareSource solution to more efficiently execute its management contract with BJC Healthcare, which includes managing three of the organization’s four long-term care communities. Centralized recruiting enabled by HealthcareSource allows Bethesda to offload recruitment from BJC’s managers and work directly with their nursing staff to ensure proper staffing.

In addition to loving the solution, Bateman feels HealthcareSource client support can’t be beat. Using live chat, anyone from Bethesda can instantly connect with a helpful rep who is committed to solving any issues as quickly as possible.

Bethesda Health Group

HealthcareSource Senior Living is simple on the front end for job applicants and does everything it’s supposed to do on the back end, easing a huge piece of our jobs.

Sharon Bateman
Director of Recruitment & Employee Relations
Bethesda Health Group


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