Trinity Health's Talent Acquisition Journey | Video

With the help of Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource and its benchmarks, measurement, and advisory solutions, Trinity Health’s talent acquisition team went from performing in the bottom 25 percent to being named the 2017 Elite Recruitment Team of the Year. With Lean Human Capital, Trinity Health was able to incorporate national best practices for attracting healthcare talent and structuring its recruitment team to meet the needs of the entire organization.

Hear more from Trinity Health Executive Director Shana Welch:

Video Transcript

Our organization felt that we needed a really solid partner in helping us structure our recruitment team, as well as really understanding what are some national best practices that we should be looking at when we are trying to attract talent, structure our team, and meet the needs of our organization. So Lean Human Capital became a very easy choice when we narrowed down the partner that we needed.

What I like best is the expertise that Lean Human Capital brings. They are not just an organization for human resources — they are an organization with passion and expertise for talent acquisition.

Our journey with Lean Human capital has not only been transformational — it has been an amazing journey. When we first started the Voice of the Customer, as well as looking at our scorecard, we were at the bottom 25 percent as a talent acquisition team. Today I’m proud to say that in 2017, we were the Elite Recruitment Team of the Year. We are now in the top 25 percent, and that is all due to the relationship that we have with Lean Human Capital.

I just think that Lean Human Capital and the journey that I've been on with them — I honestly don't believe that our team could be where we're at today in terms of really understanding the value that we provide to the organization without having the Lean Human Capital information: the scorecards, the Voice of the Customer. It's one thing to say that we feel we're doing a good job; it's another thing to know not only do our customers feel like we're doing a good job, but we're measured against other healthcare organizations throughout the country. And that gives us a sense of confidence. It gives us also an opportunity to know where we can do better and get better.

I don't think that any talent acquisition leader nationally should be without Lean Human Capital.

I honestly don't believe that our team could be where we're at today in terms of really understanding the value that we provide...without having the Lean Human Capital information.

Shana Welch
Executive Director, Talent Acquisition
Trinity Health