Healthcare staffing agencies operate in a business of minutes, where decreasing time-to-fill is mission critical to growing revenue. The only way to accomplish this is by becoming more efficient where it matters most: order intake, compliance validation, payroll and billing, and talent retention. At HealthcareSource, we provide the industry’s only fully integrated solution specifically designed for healthcare staffing agencies and their unique challenges.


Talent demand in healthcare is exploding, and so is the industry’s reliance on contingent workers. Your opportunity lies within your ability to provide top-quality talent — fast. And that requires a multifaceted approach to talent acquisition.

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Talent Acquisition - Time-to-Fill for Hospitals and Providers

40% of healthcare roles will be filled by staffing agencies by 2020. Can your infrastructure meet the demand?

AHS PharmStat
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AHS PharmStat

Learn how AHS PharmStat efficiently staffs permanent and temporary pharmacy employees across 27 different states.

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AHS PharmStat